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Guard Your Daughters Diana Tutton

Guard Your Daughters

Diana Tutton

Published July 1st 2014
ISBN : 9781843914921
246 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Meet the five eccentric Harvey sisters, Morgan, Pandora, Cressida, Thisbe, and Teresa, in this enthralling, heartwarming, and ultimately moving period novel from 1953, perfect for fans of Dodie SmithThe five Harvey sisters are unconventional, unschooled, and oddly named by their famous detective writer father and fragile mother. Still living in the comfort of the rural family home, apart from Pandora who has done the impossible and managed to bag herself a husband, the eccentric sisters are largely left to their own devices, living at a distance from the outside world. So when Gregory turns up on their doorstop unexpectedly one afternoon, his car having broken down, Morgan declares it fate and welcomes the somewhat stunned Gregory into the female dominated household. Plied with tea and toast he is rather flabbergasted but captivated by Thisbe in her slightly inappropriate skiing trousers, Cressidas desperate attempts to hide the stockings and snow boots in the room, and Morgans blunt honesty. The excitement of Gregorys visit disrupts the sisters stable world, making them question their secluded existence. However, Mrs. Harvey is not at all pleased by the blossoming friendship and new acquaintances Gregory brings into the girls lives. Can the close family unit stay together in the face of change? Tutton has created a world abound in wonderful period detail, populated with lively, likeable characters you will long remember after turning the last page.