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Mary E. Martin

330 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Where the greatest mystery and suspense is the mystery of life.Alexander Wainwright is Britain’s finest landscape artist. With his numinous light, he gives us glimpses of the beyond in his paintings. The stupendously wealthy, Jonathan Pryde, munificent patron of the arts, proposes a commission to create a vision in stained glass. Alex, claiming no experience in stained glass, is about to reject the commission. At dinner in Pryde’s dark mansion in Kent, he begs Alex to reconsider. Alex’s visionary capacity to see the hidden is sought, not the skill of a mere artisan. In Pryde’s view, Alex is the world’s only living mythographer—the one who can help us glimpse the beyond.Alex agrees to Jonathan’s request to visit the Beckett Miracle windows at Canterbury and his castle in Vence before deciding. Clea, a beautiful young woman, comes into his life—apparently out of nowhere—eager to guide him to his visionary creation. Incredibly beautiful visions come to Alex but he cannot express them in stained glass.Ostensibly, Pryde is engaged in the import-export business. No one knows the extent of his wealth, nor exactly how it is earned. From the moment Alex steps into Pryde’s beautiful castle in Vence, questions arise.Why are all these elderly, brilliant scientists artists and writers living there so comfortably as guests of Mr. Pryde? Yet they insist that they are ‘free to leave at any time’ but never do. Can Pryde be not only a collector of art, but also the keeper of the creators of that art?Alexander will add another question—How can the very best and worst of human nature co-exist in one human breast? Alex will be greatly changed by his patron’s answer.