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Arthurs April Fool Marc Brown

Arthurs April Fool

Marc Brown

ISBN : 9780590386340
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 About the Book 

In my opinion I thought this book had a good story line. The illustrations were nice and went well with the story. Theres a little description of the book when you open the book on the left side and at the end of the book theres a description of the author. On the back of the book theres pictures of of other Arthur books that youd like to read if youre into Arthur. The text in the book is bolded black except for one page because its a dark page so the text is white and on every page the text is sort of big.This book starts off with Arthur and his friend Buster in the joke shop getting ready for Aprils fools day. However Arthur is distracted by a bully named Binky Barnes because he is afraid of getting beat up. Theres a school April fools assembly but Arthur is nervous of messing up. Buster says he would help Arthur out but gets in trouble and gets sent to the principals office so Arthur has to do it alone. When Arthur is on stage he ask for a volunteer and Binky goes up. When Arthurs trick doesnt go the way he wants he ends of scaring him by saying he was going to saw him in half and Binky quickly gets off stage. After the talent show Arthur tells Binky to take a telescope home and when he looks through it read the magic words thats on the paper inside it. When Bikny gets home he opens the paper and on it reads April Fools.