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Searching for Power John Jacob Haksteen

Searching for Power

John Jacob Haksteen

Published March 28th 2012
ISBN : 9781468560411
256 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a story of how the walking apes of Africa were destined to become the vanguards of evolution: Humankind and their struggles to tame the chaos in nature and themselves through understanding. However, understanding developed slowly: From pictures as language- to ritual language as art- to logic of written language- to observations, experimentations, and theoretic reasoning to knowledge- and the expanding of consciousness to insight. Five great teachers emerged in history who brought wisdom to enlighten their cultures and the world. They never wrote a book, their wisdom was remembered, later written, and called: The Analects- The Four Noble Truths- The Republic- The Gospels- The Koran. Their wisdom has lasted thousands of years, strongly influencing three quarters of the earths population- they were called Confucius, Buddha- Socrates, Jesus and Mohammad. The lovers of wisdom furthered our understanding and the scientists increased our knowledge daily, while the mystics expanded our consciousness to reach the highest power. Read this book and learn how the author lost his scientific skepticism about disembodied consciousness.