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Dr Slump, Vol. 5 (Dr Slump, #5) Akira Toriyama

Dr Slump, Vol. 5 (Dr Slump, #5)

Akira Toriyama

Published 2000
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book is volume 5 of Dr. Slump. The main character is a precocious but naive robot named Arale who strives to have fun. She has absolutely no worries whatsoever due to the fact she has superhuman (shes a robot) strength, and no one in the village knows shes an android.So in this book, she and her creator, Dr. Norimaki goes through another notorious adventure where she was a cop for the day and then destroyed a robbers getaway. The real police praised her so she destroyed a bus to be even more good. This goes to show that when you know someone is doing the wrong thing, but you also know that the person can totally beat or even kill you, you LEAVE THEM ALONE!Another chapter of this book has the doctor installing a camera in Arales eyes and then sending her to take a bath with her teacher (yes, the doctor is a real pervert). However, Arales near-sightedness caused the plan to fail and the doctor was depressed for the rest of the day. This goes to show being a pervert should not involve illegal videotaping (even though this town seemingly doesnt have any rules). If youre a pervert, you stick to magazines.This goes to show that the morals in this book causes this book to be a really efficient childrens story everywhere.