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Defeating Financial Anger Sean Alexander Hamilton

Defeating Financial Anger

Sean Alexander Hamilton

Published September 29th 2010
Kindle Edition
148 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you ever let the anger you have toward your finances get the best of you? If you have, then this book may be just what youll need to rid yourself from all of your financial anger. This book will help you get a better understanding of what money does for you, and can help you get through those tribulations, by getting over your own defeat. You will learn about the mean green syndrome, and how it can effects us all. You will also learn about the emotional links that you have with your finances, and how to control those emotions through a better understanding. With this book you will be able to build a better relationship with the three Fs in your life: (friends, family, and finances.) You also will be able to finally live a life of self worth without money. You will be able to create happiness with the money that you have, and live within that happiness continuously as long as you remember about the four Ds: Dreaming, Drive, Determination, and Doing. With the aid of this book, the emotional ties with your finances will be uplifted, and you will be able to stand up tall, and say- I finally have defeated financial anger!