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Decifrar Pessoas - Como entender e prever o comportamento humano Jo-Ellan Dimitrius

Decifrar Pessoas - Como entender e prever o comportamento humano

Jo-Ellan Dimitrius

Published 2008
346 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Its true that politicians blink much more frequently when theyre lying, but what other behavior clues do people inadvertently give off? If you want to know if youre being boondoggled, how to tell if your date is interested in a serious relationship, or if you should take that new job, Jo-Ellan Demitrius will help you figure it all out. She gives away the tricks of her trade--jury consulting--in this eye-opening handbook for predicting the behavior and revealing the thoughts of others. Shes consulted for more than 600 jury trials, including the O.J. Simpson, Rodney King, and John DuPont cases, as well as for Fortune 100 companies. If her name rings a bell, it may be because shes been on Oprah, Larry King Live, and 60 Minutes, among other television shows. Much more than a collection of tips on reading body language, her book is supremely organized, detailed, and thorough, with lists of physical characteristics, vocal patterns, office props, and conversational behaviors that reveal much more than youd think. She instructs on how to analyze hundreds of details of everyday living, from the style of the picture frame on your bosss desk to the odd way that an acquaintance swears up a storm, in order to uncover personality traits and predict future behavior.Demitrius isnt a hocus-pocus intuition hawker- shes more of a scientist. ...over the past fifteen years, she writes, I have tested this method on more than ten thousand research subjects. After predicting the behavior of thousands of jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and judges, I have been able to see whether my predictions came true....I did not always peg them correctly, especially in the earlier years. But by testing my perceptions over and over, I have verified which clues are generally reliable and which are not. Her advice will prove valuable not just to lawyers but to businesspeople, parents, and anyone curious about their relationships. While the book is mostly aimed at deconstructing the behavior and characteristics of others, its also useful for job candidates and anyone concerned with projecting the appropriate image. -- Erica Jorgensen