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Running Blind S.W. Vaughn

Running Blind

S.W. Vaughn

Kindle Edition
228 pages
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 About the Book 

17-year-old Grace Carrington is just your average, everyday freak. Her eyes glow, she can read minds, and electronic machines bend to her will. Colored contacts and a self-imposed lack of human relationships keep her safe while she bounces around Vegas, ripping off casinos to survive and avoiding the police -- who want to bring her back to her manipulative mother.But what Grace doesnt know will hurt her. And what she doesnt know is this: The father shes never met was an angel, and shes a Nephilim -- which makes her a target for something far more dangerous and predatory than any gun-wielding cop or strangely persuasive FBI agent she might be running from...Because some angels do not suffer their children to live.AUTHORS NOTE: This book was previously published as HUNTED. The new version features major revisions, along with some changes to plot and characters.