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Playing In Time And Space: The Miracle of Inspired Manifestations Richard Dotts

Playing In Time And Space: The Miracle of Inspired Manifestations

Richard Dotts

Published September 12th 2014
Kindle Edition
52 pages
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 About the Book 

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” - Albert EinsteinSpiritual teachers and scientists throughout the ages have repeatedly told us one thing: That space and time are merely illusions, and that everything happens for us in the HERE and NOW.For a student just beginning to understand these spiritual laws, the concept of a malleable reality can be difficult to grasp.Well, if physical reality is not what it is… then what really is?How can we begin to shape and create reality in the way we truly desire?If the Universe responds instantaneously to all my desires and intentions, where is my stuff? Why do I have to wait?In his latest work Playing In Time And Space, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts shares the secrets to creating our own physical reality from our current human perspectives. Instead of seeing the physical laws of space and time as restricting us, Dotts shares how anyone can transcend these perceived limitations of space and time by changing their thinking, and manifest right from where they are.As Dotts writes in the opening, “This book is an invitation to play!”Through a series of illuminating mental exercises and “mind games” which you can easily follow along from your comfortable armchair, Dotts shows anyone how they can instantly “bridge the SPACE and TIME gaps” between their current reality and where they ultimately want to be.Follow along as Dotts guides you through simple exercises that allow you to PROVE the existence and infallibility of these Universal Laws for yourself. If you are sick and tired of just merely reading about these principles, now is the time to really use them. These same insights only came to him after years of meditation, and now you too, can access these same great spiritual truths for yourself. For example …* How can you know that the Universe always responds to every single one of your intentions and desires instantaneously, without any delay? Dotts takes you through an inner exercise to understand this.* Why does a buffer of time exist between our intentions and the actual physical manifestation?* Is time merely a persistent illusion as famously stated by Einstein? Here’s how you can prove it to yourself. You may not believe you can BEND TIME at will using these simple statements and exercises. Richard Dotts didn’t think he could do it either… until these two events happened to him…* Are you doing the right thing when you visualize? If you visualize with the intent of ____ out ____, then you’re spending more effort than necessary. However, if you visualize with the specific intent of bridging the gaps of space and time… physical manifestations will happen in your reality very quickly.* How to rid yourself of negative worries and fear thoughts that just pop up throughout the day into your awareness, and why it is crucial to get rid of them for inspired manifestations. (Dotts shares one of the most effective techniques he personally used to rid himself of a lifetime of negative conditioning and chronic worrying.)Anyone who masters space and time would have mastered the art of manifestation!