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Broken Toy Sami Robinson

Broken Toy

Sami Robinson

Published December 5th 2007
Kindle Edition
79 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

With more and more African-American men seeking women of varying ethnic backgrounds, the plight of the single Black female in search of a romantic relationship within her race is often challenging. For this reason, some are beginning to follow the direction of the proverbial gander, opening their hearts and minds to something new.One such woman is Sami, who meets Mamood, a Persian man eleven years her junior. They fall in love, marry and begin a life together. What she learns to know and love about her Iranian husband impacts her life more profoundly than she ever dreamt possible. What she will come to discover about his family and their expectations will devastate her almost beyond repair.This story will capture the curiousity and attention of anyone who has ever been truly consumed by love.